Bold Basics!
...brought to life through the power of color. We release and celebrate one design at a time, allowing us to honor that piece and its own unique form.
The Session Hat

Originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, the bucket hat has a long history. Our design kept the downward-slanting brim (flip up or down) and a small footprint (throw it in your pocket or bag easily) while squaring off the top and adding a pop of color!

This design was inspired by the very first chore coat that showed up in late 19th century France. Our interpretation has a structured fit, cropped sleeve, and three pockets. Stay tuned. We're restocking soon!
It's 100% sustainable cotton. The raw materials are upcycled and woven by a family owned and operated mill. Their circular manufacturing process is chemical-free, dye-free and uses minimal water and energy...
Each piece is garment dyed by hand and has it's own unique finish. We strive for color consistency but slight variations naturally happen. We use fiber reactive dyes that have a strong wash and light fastness...
We love to share our behind-the-scenes mess! The creation process is half the fun. We've got tons of collaborations and new designs in the works, so make sure to follow along. You can find us over at @pairup_etc
Escondido, CA

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