Pair Up is a clothing line that brings thoughtful basics to life through the power of color. By releasing and celebrating one design at a time, we honor that piece and its own unique form.

Our name was inspired by the process of getting dressed. You pull a few special items from your closet and pair them up together, as an expression of your own unique self. Pair Up also embodies the idea of collaboration. Whether that's cotton and color, ingredients in the kitchen, a friendship, a song, a film... they're all created through the process of coming together.

Most importantly, we view fashion as an opportunity to create mindful art, not disposable waste. Keep reading... to learn more about our creation process and manufacturing.

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Emma Brooks

Sustainable Fabric

We use 100% sustainable cotton from The New Denim Project. They are a family owned and operated mill, based out of Guatemala. Solely intended to create sustainably designed textiles, they focus on upcycling textile-excess to create premium natural fabrics. They collect pre-consumer industrial waste from various textile mills, grind the scraps back into fiber, then respin them to fabricate new yarns and fabrics. Their circular manufacturing process is chemical-free, dye-free and uses minimal water and energy.

Sewn in
Small Batches

Our pieces are designed, sampled and produced right here in our San Diego studio. We are currently an all female team, locally based.

California has some of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing laws anywhere in the world. Our inventory is created in an environment that abides by these standards. We practice labor safety and well-being, while providing a fair California living wage.

Hand Dyed

Each piece is hand dyed by our founder, Emma Brooks. She uses Fiber Reactive Dyes, that are considered more permanent than most any other type of dye. Pair Up is designed to be worn as often and as freely as possible. Wear them in the bright sun, make a mess, and wash them tons - the color won't fade! Unless you spill some bleach on it, you're good to go.

Escondido, CA

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